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FoxClocks has been updated

Please help support FoxClocks updates!

FoxClocks 5.1.5 for Chrome and Firefox (April 20th, 2018)

This version of FoxClocks adds support for searching for time zones by country and region (e.g. province, state or county), reduces memory usage and fixes a number of bugs.

Internally FoxClocks now uses secure URLs, and – new in this, which is used for search functionality. Bug fixes:

  • Fix application detection – Chrome was being reported as Opera and vice versa

We’ve also made some boring internal technical changes including removing jQuery from the background page by using the new Fetch API.

Welcome to the new FoxClocks, nothing like the old FoxClocks!

This version took weeks of development – please consider donating by clicking the friendly yellow button above!

With Firefox Quantum, ‘legacy’ extensions such as the original FoxClocks no longer run, and new-style extensions are much more limited in their ability to modify the browser; they can’t, for example, create or add to a statusbar or toolbar. We’ve added a simulated FoxClocks statusbar, but are aware that it can occasionally interfere with web pages – you can close the statusbar on any page, or disable it entirely from the options. Read more about how the next FoxClocks works here.

Thanks for your understanding.