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Previous Versions

FoxClocks 4.1.14 for Firefox

As usual, this version updates the time zone database to the latest version for those who have disabled automatic time zone updates. The database format has changed, but this shouldn’t affect you unless you’re running a very old version of FoxClocks – please upgrade!

We’ve also fixed a number of significant bugs in the previous version, 4.0.2 – apologies!

What’s new

  • Clock ticks are smoother, and guaranteed to be at the start of the second.
  • Updated time zone database to version 2015g.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed statusbar not overflowing correctly when there are many clocks (Thunderbird only).
  • Fixed broken time zone database update.
  • Fixed no data in Location/Zone Properties window.
  • Fixed opening online help.

FoxClocks 3.4.16 for Chrome

What’s new

  • FoxClocks settings are now synchronized across all your browsers, if you’re logged in to Chrome.
  • Drag-and-drop from the Zone Picker to the Watchlist, or drag-and-drop to re-order your Watchlist.
  • A number of cosmetic tweaks; FoxClocks now runs quite a bit faster, and takes less memory.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed redundant extra space at the top of web-pages, in some circumstances.
  • Double-clicking a zone in the Zone Picker now correctly adds the zone to the Watchlist.

FoxClocks 3.3.26 for Firefox

This version updates the time zone database to the latest version for those who have disabled automatic time zone updates. We’ve also improved language support, updated flag images and fixed a few bugs.

What’s new

  • Updated time zone database to version 2013h.
  • Numerous language-specific improvements, including a new Swedish Zone Picker, which should be much easier to navigate. The new Zone Picker is only available in English and Swedish right now – contact us if you’d like to help with translations.
  • Added and updated various flag images.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed week number calculation edge case.
  • Fixed relative day calculation edge case.
  • Fixed broken Danish Location Properties window.

FoxClocks 3.1.26 for Firefox

This is a bug-fix release only.

In rare cases, FoxClocks can issue large numbers of automatic database update checks in rapid succession. This makes’s hosting company, Site5, understandably very unhappy. Site5 have been remarkably patient while we’ve worked to address this bug – thanks guys.

FoxClocks 3.1.25 for Firefox

This version fixes FoxClocks failing to run in SeaMonkey – apologies!

We’ve taken this opportunity to add a few enhancements and fix a few bugs – including an unfortunate flag bug. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What’s new

  • We’ve completely revised the Zone Picker, which should be much easier to navigate. This change is English-only right now – contact us if you’d like to help with translations
  • Start-up is now even faster – FoxClocks will never impact your browser’s performance
  • FoxClocks now supports the world’s newest country, South Sudan; and we’ve updated the flag of Libya

Bug fixes

  • Fixed FoxClocks completely broken on Seamonkey
  • Fixed some country flags incorrect

FoxClocks 3.0.6 for Firefox

With a new-format time zone database, a new website, a few new features and a major internal (and hopefully invisible) re-organization, FoxClocks version 3.0.6 is available at

What’s new

  • There’s a new-format time zone database, able to handle unusual situations such as Morocco having two periods of daylight saving this year.
  • We’ve launched a new website,, to host FoxClocks help and the time zone database update server.
  • The FoxClocks time zone database has been updated to version 2012e, for those with automatic database updates disabled. See here for way too much information!
  • There’s a new ‘week number’ custom format, available in ISO (European) and North American flavours. See here for more information about custom formats and the Options window. (Currently week number is only available in English, French, German and Spanish.)
  • Also in the Options window, custom format codes (e.g.for long-form day of the week) are now easier to find.
  • The Location Properties window now shows current or future daylight saving periods, rather than just for the current year.
  • Internally FoxClocks now uses JavaScript ‘modules’ rather than ‘components’. Hopefully this means it should use less of your browser’s precious resources.
  • There’s an enhanced Swedish translation, especially the Zone Picker – thanks to Mikael Hiort af Ornäs!
  • We’ve removed support for older versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed repeated ‘Thanks for installing/updating’ message – apologies!
  • [Mac only] Fixed broken database alert breaking automatic database updates.
  • Fixed Watchlist custom flag not updating.

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